I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer and owner of RebbyFit LLC. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. 


My love for fitness began when I joined the Varsity Weightlifting team in high school. This is where I truly began to appreciate strength training. Most importantly, it is where I gained a sense of ownership over my health and wellness. I loved how empowering it was to lift heavy weight and maintain a feminine physique. Mythbuster: Lifting weights do not make women bulky. As I matriculated into university, exercise became an outlet from the stress of classes and being in an unfamiliar environment. Fun Fact: I’m also a licensed Zumba Instructor and teach Group Fitness classes.


I’ve been through every phase of fitness imaginable– nonstop cardio, limited carbs, clean/restrictive eating, frequent scale checks and the list goes on. I don’t count macros or weigh my food anymore (nothing is wrong with this, but it just wasn’t for me). Simply put, I now practice intuitive eating and follow a balanced cardio/lifting program. These practices put control back into my hands and strengthened my physical and mental health. The physique is a byproduct of caring for my body and letting go of restrictive habits. This process takes time so please commit to the long run–you won’t be disappointed!



Be blessed my tribe!