REBBYFIT presents

This challenge is targeted towards postpartum moms and women who want to learn more about core stability. Some benefits of this challenge include understanding of diastatic recti, how to remedy diastasic recti, easing back into a workout routine, being part of a supportive and accountability group, learning more about healthy eating, and how to balance your fitness with being a busy mom and woman. 

This is a 21- day challenge, we will meet via zoom for 3 live workouts each week. There WILL be daily challenges that you will need to complete in order to get the most out of this challenge. If you cannot attend live workouts, do not worry! Live workouts will be recorded and you will have access to do them at a later time.

There will be a random prize drawing. To qualify for the prize, you must complete every challenge, workout, and submit before/after pictures. 

IMPORTANT: Details about when this challenge will be open for registration will be sent out at a later time. Be sure to opt into our subscription 

I give consent to RebbyFit to post my before and after photos online

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